Go Shawty, It's Your Burfday..

In anticipation of my birthday (in April.. Yes I know it's a long way away but I'm just too over-excited..), I thought I'd make a birthday wish-list in hope that my boyfriend might find it and be generous enough to pick something/s (hehe) from it! So far I've got this:

Tiffany 'XOXO' Ring.. Very Gossip Girl.. Very Me :-)

Markus Lupfer 'Poetry and Chaos' Dress.. Amaaazzzinng!

Lulu Guinness British Cab Clutch.. So Immensely Perfect :-)

And who could ever celebrate a birthday without dozens of Hummingbird cupcakes in tow? ;-)

I'm also thinking of making this choice the birthday dress.. £150 from the Asos Black collection. It's showstopping and I love the romantic clutter of it all, it's very chaotic but pretty as hell. I'm in love!

Will update the birthday list as soon as!

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