A Skip, Hop and Spring Away To Summer!

Last week gave us Londoners a glimpse of Summer-To-Be. With temperatures at 15 degrees (yes, this is really as high as it went). The legs were bared, the fake tan was applied and the summer florals were dusted off and taken out for strolls. This week however, the universe is once again laughing at us. Teasing us with some sunshine only to distract us from the inevitable; The return of the unmistakeable/un-missed british rain. I think we can safely assume that summer is not just round the corner yet.. Per se. To lift spirits, I've made a list on everything I love about summers in London:
  • The sunshine = parks = sunbathing = great tans
  • On that note, the parks also bring the boys playing football topless because of the heat. Self explanatory really.
  • Carluccio's freshly squeezed lemonade. I once went through 6 glasses of these during ONE lunch with a friend! I warn you they are so good but so addictive!
  • Summer sales. For those of you who can't brave sale seasons because of the heat, (i.e. me), thanks to technology you can scout shop websites from the first day of sales to find yourselves some gems. All in the comfort of your home! This way you can avoid unnecessary bruises from fellow fashionistas who also want the last dress in a size 10.
  • Starbucks frappuccinos
  • Being able to sit outside the restaurants with a drink in hand, and not feel the need to wear layers and layers to keep warm.
  • And lastly, (although there are a lot more things to look forward to this summer), dresses in bright pastel colours are what i'm most excited about..
Despite this picture being taken last year, it is the look that epitomises summer for me. Blair’s Alice and Olivia dress gets everything right on the checklist; floral, floaty, halter and belted with a barbie-pink patent belt for a better silhouette. The arm candy on both ladies are more than enviable too.. This entire look is a definite must have for this summer and many more to come.

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