I officially need an 'I'm a Carrie!' T-shirt

It’s like My Birthday, plus Christmas, plus St Patrick’s day, and quite obviously pancake day (you get the idea?).. It’s basically like all the best holidays in the world have combined into one spectacular event ever since Michael Patrick King said those magic words, "I'm very excited to work with these amazing actresses again and would love to give everyone more information about the sequel... but I'm busy with my sex life..”
Sex and the City – The Sequel! I kid you not. I can barely contain my excitement! Every time I think about watching my favourite foursome on the big screen again, I want to do pirouettes and leaps but alas, my tiny bedroom prevents me from doing so. However, I am not totally convinced that it’s going to be the most magnificent film in the whole world (I mean how much drama can happen to the same four fabulous fashionistas over, and over, and over again...) but I know one thing is for sure... The wardrobe of Mrs Carrie John Preston Bradshaw is going to be the only thing I lust for months and months after watching the film. Patricia Field has never let me down (even when she dressed Carrie in her dressing gown to go to Charlotte’s event at an art gallery)! And I’m sure this film is going to be no different.
In tribute to this masterpiece, I’ve put together my favourite looks of Carrie Bradshaw from all 6 seasons. Talking of oldies but goodies… ;-)
Oh miss Carrie Bradshaw. How I would love to inherit everything you have ever worn from the subtle floral tones of the vintage, to the extravagant and outrageous outfits (Dolce and Gabbana sparkle nude pants teamed with fierce blue coat), that only you could pull off. You are my style guru, always!

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