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I finally had a chance to flick through the ASOS August issue (magazine) a couple of days ago found a real hidden treasure inside.. (except not so hidden because it was actually a double-page spread!)

I love the 'Working It' feature that ASOS runs every issue because I always find it more inspiring to see a normal, everyday, working girl put together fashionable and super-on-trend outfits without the help of a stylist. 

They definitely make you feel like it's easy for any fashion saavy chick to make magic happen if you use little tips and tricks. Here's a little glimpse into this fashion queen's working wardrobe:

I absolutely adore this girl's style because she has put each outfit together perfectly. I love the contrast of different textures and prints, the socks with the cut-out heels, the heels and smart jacket paired with casual boyfriend jeans, and the accessories that she's coordinated to complete every one of her looks. 

I love her style and would like to think that I (mostly) dress like her when it comes to work; smart casual in all its glory. But if not, here are some vital pieces you and I can use to dress impeccable through-out the working week, just like her.

I would say that the key items you need to work it gurrrrl are as follows: 

Smart Blazers and Jackets - When these are incorporated with even the most casual of outfits, they instantly make you look smarter and more work-appropriate. I especially love blazers paired with dresses, jeans, and kick-ass heels. 

Dresses - Dresses are my go-to when it comes to dressing for work. They're smart, girly, easy to accessorise and always flattering (assuming you've bought the right size). If you're not yet confident enough to start mixing prints with textures, trousers with shirts, or rock the PVC out, etc.. Then a dress is definitely for you. Throw on a nice necklace, a blazer or smart jacket teamed with good shoes and ta-da! You're outfit is complete!

Heels - I love girls who wear heels to work. I used to be one of those girls and then I got silly and lost all common sense. Heels to work instantly elongate your frame, make you walk and talk with confidence, make you look a million dollars, and will have people respecting you ASAP. If you're in a transition period where you can't yet deal with the pain that heels may bring, try block heeled boots. They are fricking cool and have a platform working alongside the block heel so they won't hurt but will definitely make you feel like a boss.

Smart Accessories - When it comes to work outfits, I love snazzing up block colours or otherwise 'boring' and generic dresses or tops by paring them with statement jewellery, silk scarves or beautiful bags. Accessories are key to completing your look so make sure you choose these wisely.

Sheer Shirts and Blouses - I am not one for your average button down cotton shirt as I find them super corporate, and I am as far away from corporate as you could get. However, if they're silk or sheer shirts, I'm definitely down. I think combining a printed blouse (or something floaty and slouchy) with jeans or a pencil skirt works wonders and draws attention to the outfit as a whole, as opposed to just the individual pieces. 

Pencil Skirts - PVC skirts are all a-go-go this AW13. The shinier you find, the better. Also, denim pencil skirts seem to be having a moment too so this is also something to invest in that will make your outfit stand out 100%. Wear them with something tailored on top to make it more work rather than play.

Trousers - Plaid trousers are also a huge AW13 trend with punk induced clothing piling up in stores. I'm loving this trend as long as it's smartened up with a nice blouse and smart blazer (just like miss Fifi demonstrates above). This applies to jeans also. If you're lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to your work place, make sure you don't go too casual because then you would be missing the point of working it gurrrl. Always wear a fitted blazer and heels/boots because you will be the perfect combination of sexy, smart and cool.. Simple as.

Shop now and work it gurrrl! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

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