If I Was A Rich Girl

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

I'm sure Charles Dickens was not referring to fashion PR when he wrote these magical words, but alas, the statement accurately applies to my current job and financial situation.

If you haven't already gathered from many of my previous posts, I am currently working in fashion PR. Recently, a lot of people have asked me what exactly fashion PR is so here is a brief description: I work for a PR agency that specialises in bringing niche fashion brands wide consumer recognition. 

What that basically means is that when you see something nice in a magazine that you want to buy, the journalist of the magazine hasn't just placed it there on a whim.. Journos have PR's sending them a million different but great options every single day, months and months in advance (for the monthly's like Elle, Vogue, Glamour, etc), and weeks in advance for weekly's (Grazia, Look, etc).. 

My job is to speak to fashion journalists, stylists and writers on a daily basis to find out what stories they're currently working on, for example: 'winter warmers' or 'party dresses.' Once I know this information, I would then send out options from the niche-fashion-brands that I work with have to suit the brief. And then I would pray with all my power that my brands get picked for the story because they immediately become part of the 'cool-cult' when that happens.

If and when the brands that I work with are featured in these lovely magazines for you lovely consumers to see and then buy, we have done our job well. We have directed you to our great brands in the form of a magazine and in turn brought our brands great coverage and higher sale numbers to help their business grow and blossom!

It's a lovely, stressful, and deeply rewarding job as I'm sure you can imagine. I really could not see myself better placed in any other working environment!

Anyway, as I have to read every single magazine and newspaper every day to constantly get ideas and inspiration of press releases I can create to send to journos to make them aware of our lovely brands, it means that I am constantly seeing beautiful things myself that I want to buy. 

This would be fine if I had a great paying job and no bills to pay, but I have neither of those things yet!

So here is my current wish-list of things I am deeply coveting:

1. If you, like me, believe you're a star.. Then invest in these starry dream pair of heels!
2. I need this chair in my life! It is so pretty and so prefect!
3. I am still obsessing over Laura Gravestock's dainty ring collection. She has the best customer service too! I would highly recommend her 'written' collection to any of you who want to buy a lovely present for someone!
4. I am also always obsessing over Brian Lichtenberg. Every item of clothing he makes is just so cool, like this tshirt. I want to be part of his cool-club!
5. This Givenchy bambi number has sold out in most places but it is still awesome. Unfortunately I hate high neck sweaters so I normally slash the necks off and turn them into a messy off shoulder type of thing but I highly doubt I would be coming anywhere near this £750 baby with a pair of scissors!

In other news, I have also been reading alot and recently bought this, this, this and this onto my kindle.. All the reviews are phenomenal so I am super excited to start reading them!

Talking of reading, I couldn't end this post without talking about the newest addition to my coffee-table-book collection. Karl Lagerfeld - the extraordinaire. I am SO excited for this to arrive finally! WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME INSTEAD OF PURCHASING THIS?!

And lastly, this song is amazing, the video is amazing, and Chrissy Teigen is my new favourite human being. She is bare hilare. If you don't know why, read her blog. I love a supermodel who loves her food, has John Legend as a husband, and is fricking funny as hell. Don't you?! It has also confirmed my need to get married in Italy and have the most perfect wedding, just like they did! xoxo

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