Re-Entry Ticket Back into The Wonderful World of Fashion

A few fabulous things happened in my life this week boys and girls.

First and foremost.. I finally upgraded my old, ancient, and crappy pink Dell laptop that was quite literally falling apart so much so that I had to sellotape bits of the plastic case together. It was a sad time to say goodbye.. But not that sad because in its place I treated myself to a brand spanking new shiny Macbook Pro. 

Naturally I am THRILLED with the upgrade and have given my new piece of equipment many kisses on many occasions because it is perfect and I adore it!

In other news, I started working at a fashion PR agency and I ADORE IT TOO! 

I love it more than I have ever loved any other job that I have done before.. (and yes, I have done a lot). 

I wake up in the morning excited and raring to go, I don't count the hours left of the day, I don't take my full hour for lunch.. And this great attitude is all because I have a reason to be fashion obsessed once again and that makes me feel at home. 

Also, it makes me feel like the three years I spent studying a fashion related degree was worth it in the end.

It's another internship to add to my growing list, but even so it is very promising and my most favourite one yet. The girls are incredibly lovely, the brands we work with are incredibly beautiful, the work we do is very personal because all our clients are niche labels that need the extra push to get noticed, and I get a lot of responsibility from every angle of the business which is always a great thing!

Also, this is Brody and he sometimes visits the office and makes my heart melt.

Anyway, part of my job is to read every single fashion related article in every single weekly/monthly/daily newspaper, magazine and online source to stay in the know. This is so that we're aware of all the current trends, news and gossip, and in turn are able to pitch interesting stories to the press to get our brands coverage. 

This is what I have learnt so far this week:

Carine Roitfeld is still reigning her Queen B status even after leaving Vogue. I am SO excited to watch this documentary film on Friday. I love French (sorry, I mean to say Parisienne) women, I love French movies, and I love French fashion so really it should be a perfect combination of things. Also, it was interesting to see a different side of Anna Wintour's life in The September Issue so I'm hoping this film has the same fabu-effect.

Image from Black Score's Blog
Cara Delevigne is fricking awesome. Here she is holding Harry Styles hostage by making him wear her Black Score balaclava. She was also spotted all over London Fashion Week sporting this balaclava because she is bare hilare and probably the most chilled out model ever.

Black Score is one of the brands we look after and Cara is pretty much a brand ambassador because she loves Simeon Farrar's shit and so do I. Have a look at his shizzle here because it's cool: Black Score

Zac Posen is my new favourite designer and gay-boy crush. He is so hot and so is his SS14 collection.

We are going to see tartan prints, pastel oversized coats, statement/textured/logo jumpers/sweatshirts and pink PVC skirts for a long-long time (but you better hurry because all the best stuff has already sold out!).

And lastly, I read this today and it made me super happy. Peter Pilotto was one of the brands we looked after at Starworks and I covet anything and everything from each season's collection. AND NOW IT'S GOING TO BE AFFORDABLE AND AVAILABLE IN THE UK - WAHOOO!!

Until next time lovely's! xoxo

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