Making Magic Happen!

In between reading September issues, watching X-factor, making phone calls, cooking risotto, and blending fruit smoothies.. I made a discovery.

I spend an unhealthy and rather abnormal amount of time looking at all things wedding related, (despite not even being engaged), and this was definitely a special discovery to make.

Jeffery is a wedding photographer who literally works magic. He told the Huffington Post, "the way that wedding GIFs work, they look more like a photograph that happens to be telling a story inside of it." 

I'm sold on any story-telling animate object that can revel in such charm so this really, really, REALLY is my kind of thing. I especially love the way you can see how happy the bride and groom are, even without knowing them. I'm rooting for all these strangers to last till the end of time and live happily ever after!

I have never seen wedding photography done this way and find it incredibly fascinating. It reminds me of the newspapers in Harry Potter where all the images move. Super creepy and haunting, but also wildly incredible.

It was near impossible to choose just a few of my favourite GIFs as they're all magnificent, so make sure you check out the rest of his work and read more about what he does here, here, and here

Chicago Fullerton Ave train platform wedding blur

Holiday wedding in Detroit last year. Detroit’s campus martius park christmas tree.

My Eye’s Don’t Cry No More

Now I just have to get the boyfriend to propose, pick a wedding venue, and save up over $5000 (probably) to fly Jeffery over to my chosen wedding destination.. I feel exhilarated just thinking about it! xoxo

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