1) 'Not Seen In Vogue' necklace? YES PLEASE. I hate when I see other people wearing stuff I own, thus I tend to shop in places less commercial.. But these days even little boutiques are being raided! So this necklace is precise in accuracy :-)
    2) Fur? Check. Grey sweatpant harems? Check. Zebra print heels? Check. Who the hell thought this combination could ever look good? But my god, it seriously does! It's so casual chic glam.. I LOVE IT! I feel it's too spring in the air to attempt to wear my fur out but maybe I'll re-do the whole look with a jersey blazer or jacket instead. All in all, this look is amazing! 

    3) Short shorts and Alexander Wang studded bag.. I hate this biatch who basically stole my entire look (minus the fact that I don't own an Alexander Wang bag myself... For now...) But still, this look is so me! The heels just out-do the whole look even more and now I'm seriously craving! 

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