The Sweetest Thing

I was in Westfield today with my boyfriend and we decided to brave the crowd and walk through Marks and Spencers to take the shortcut to the car park; Shockingly and unfortunately for my boyfriend, I found soo many cute things in their homewear section! So while his parking meter tab was running up, I just had to take pictures of these little gems! When I move into my flat after this summer, I'm deffo making a trip down to Marks and Sparks to decorate my kitchen with all of these adorably gorgeous finds.

These utensils look soo pretty, I wouldn't even want to eat on them incase I ruin them!

Cupcakes Fridge Magents :-)

Speaking of a clear obsession with cupcakes.. I also found this on All Posters and think I might just have to have it as it so amusingly represents my lust for the damn cupcakes!

Another obsession of mine lies with the Union Jack (God knows why, I'm not even an English girl!)...

So when my boyfriend found this jewellery box in the same department, I was thrilled!

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